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About Us

We are a Peruvian corporate group with more than 20 years of institutional life committed to quality, innovation, efficiency, digital transformation, service excellence and shared value; creating differentiation and sense of purpose.


We are a global Peruvian corporate group that provides high-quality value-added natural ingredients and Superfoods; our human capital is committed to excellence, efficiency, innovation, technology optimization, and a genuine commitment to the community and the environment; thus generating value for our customers, suppliers and shareholders.
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To be a world leader in the processing and commercialization of natural ingredients and Superfoods, generating value and well-being to society.

Our Philosophy


Our logo has a large oval, which connects the trail with Exandal and three stars. The trail and the stars transcend into the infinite, illuminate the business, guide us, bring focus, and lead us towards that horizon that inspires us to continue growing towards dreams; and those dreams become goals thanks to the teamwork and effort of our great human capital. Development driver. Three stars in the Universe of Exandal Holding Group, which represent: Exandal,

Colorexa and Happy Little Faces (NGO). Exandal and Colorexa are our successful companies sharing a portion of their profits and funding the Happy Little Faces school to provide free quality education to young underprivileged children. We firmly believe that when a child moves forward, his or her family moves forward as well, and for our corporate group this is our sense of purpose: Shared Value.